National Jazz Workshop - A Summer Jazz Camp at Shenandoah University
This page contains everything you need to know when registering on-line for NJW. Continue down this page for more info or click here to register for the National Jazz Workshop.

Who May Participate?

The National Jazz Workshop is designed for students, educators, professionals and jazz enthusiasts of all levels and abilities. Ages 12 and up can register. Students should be able to read music and have some knowledge of scales. Classes are designed from beginner to advanced levels and participants are grouped accordingly with peers.

If you believe you meet the standards or want to be considered despite your age please contact Matt Niess to see if you are eligible to attend any of our NJW camps.

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Matt Niess
To contact Matt Niess, director of the National Jazz Workshop, click on the following link:

Choose a Playing Status & Track

There are two playing statuses to choose from: playing and non-playing. Those participating in a playing status will be assigned to a virtual band.. Those participating in a non-playing status will not play in a virtual band. There are different tracks of curriculum concentration available depending on which camp you choose to attend. YOU CAN PLAY IN A BAND WITH ANY TRACK YOU CHOOSE OR NOT.

Choose a Playing Status
Playing You will be assigned to a Virtual Band. You must have technology at home to record video and audio (iPhone or better)
Non-Playing You will not play in any ensembles. Anyone can choose this status
Choose a Track
Performance This track focuses on improvisation, jazz pedagogy, and instrument-specific master classes and other instructional opportunities. All Performance Track participants must purchase the NJW Jazz Theory book to be used at the workshop.
(Shenandoah camp only)
This track focuses on jazz arranging, orchestration and composition. Theory and transposition skills are necessary for this level. Participants can play in a band while on this track. This track is run by Mike Tomaro
Observation Ideal for educators. Observe students or audit seminars and classes on your own schedule (subject to space availability). This track is available to anyone and they can play or not play in a Virtual Band.
(Shenandoah camp only)
This track focuses on the basics with an introduction to the recording industry to include Pro Tools, Garage Band, Sibelius, Finale and other platforms. This track is run by Golder O'Neil

Choose a Jazz Theory Level

When you register participants in the performance track will need to choose a level of jazz theory knowledge. Which jazz theory level best describes you? This has nothing do do with your ability to play an instrument and it will not affect your placement in a band at NJW.

Jazz Theory Levels
Beginner Little to no jazz theory knowledge
Intermediate Some knowledge of jazz theory such as scales, chords, etc.
Advanced Substantial knowledge of jazz theory


PDF's of Virtual band Music is posted below. This will be updated 15 JUNE 2020 for the July 2020 Camp. Sectionals and instruction one this music will take place during NJW 2020.
2020 Virtual Band Music
Drum Set
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